16 November 2018


Wanna know what I'm sick of?

People who've never served a day explaining to me why observing Veteran's day on the wrong day is correct.

It's not the 10th, it's not the 12th of November.

It is the 11th, and for a very important reason. World War One didn't end on the 10th or the 12th.

Here, just past the 100th anniversary of that end, people should be more aware of it.

Instead they whine that they didn't get a three day weekend out of it this year.

They explain that they couldn't take time out of their normal Sunday to observe this day.

These people can go fuck themselves. With something rusty. Sideways.

Come Memorial Day they're going to explain how it's about their dead, never served a day, relatives too.

They never even note Armed Forces Day. Why? Because they're too fucking selfish to observe a holiday that doesn't come with a day off.

Again, fuck these people. Sideways, with something rusty.

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