26 November 2018

Oddly I Am Relieved

The fact that Marv got a good Remington-Rand after I goaded him into it has made me feel much less anxious about my number not coming up.

I fully expect to never be contacted by the CMP at this time and I am oddly OK with it.

It's strange because I DO really want one.  I just don't NEED one anymore.

I live vicariously through Marv at times.


  1. Awwww! You went and actually said this out loud. Now the fates are going to strike and you will have to pony up the cash.... Some folks never learn ;-)

  2. Will Marv at least let you coon-finger his Remington-Rand? Kinda Lend-Lease it to you for a shooting experience? If so, then it's almost as good as owning it yourself, as long as you pay for the ammo and you clean it afterwards.

    1. If I wanna take it shooting I've only to ask.

      Likewise, ¡Mis armas son sus armas!

    2. Marv is a true friend and you must treasure him and protect him. Don't go so far as to wrap him in plastic and shove him into a gun safe, but, well, that would be bad, but you get the idea.

    3. We learned a while ago that you have to poke holes in the lid to the jar or he turns blue.


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