06 November 2018

Korean Made FAL Magazines

Too tight in the magwell.

Follower tilts and jams with about five rounds remaining in the magazine.

I wouldn't buy another.


  1. Had the same problems with Korean M14 mags, too.

  2. Do they have markings I can look for and avoid?

    1. They look just like the Austrian pattern mags with the witness holes in the back.

      Perhaps slightly blacker. The huge clue is they're much cheaper than vintage Austrian.

  3. I am sure there are bargain-basement commandos out there not willing to spend a little more for the better mag, and buy the cheaper Korean one. Then spend money and time trying to make it work better.

    Thanks for the consistently great info and reviews on stuff.

  4. I've stayed away from Korean mags in general. I also stay away from "Asian" mags and unlabeled 'too cheap to be good' mags.


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