09 November 2018

I'd Fail That Sober

I'm watching Live PD and watching a field sobriety test.

Because of my orthopedic issues I would have trouble with both the "walk the line" and "stand on one foot" tests.

Never mind the cops getting twitchy when I recovered my cane from the car while getting out.


  1. Yep. I can maybe do the WTL but SOOF is never good. And then there's my inner smart-ass that would spring out and make me say something very unappreciated by the officer.

    Then there's the "Sir, do you have any weapons in the car?" question. I always have problems with that one, as just in sharp or blunt tool-weapons I usually have at least 6-8 within easy reach. Or did he mean a gun? See? Inner smartass...

  2. I'm wondering if some of it is just to get through somebody's ooda loop and observe secondary tells.

    I don't know anybody who can slam through the alphabet backwards like a boss, but only a drunk will wobble and slurr while they make a lame attempt.


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