11 November 2018

Declaring Victory

A while ago, almost two years in fact, I was ranting about how there were many companies making new AR charging handles to compensate for breakage from using the things in a manner other than designed and intended.

It was asserted that the TTP's (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) had changed since Stoner and Sullivan first sold the gun to Colt.

I requested documentation of that assertion.

The deafening silence caused me to look up said training standards.  In 2010 they were still "chicken-clawing" the charging handle, just like they trained me to do in 1987 and just like they taught my uncle in 1969.

I've gotten no refutation or proof, just an assertion then silence.

The really amusing part of the entire episode is the assertion that things had changed in the TTP's underscored my point that people were using the charging handle in a manner that was never intended, and in a manner which made it "handed".

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  1. I agreed with you at the time, but I don't remember commenting.

    My experiences with using the charging handle inappropriately below:

    With the stern of my optic hanging out over gripping surface of the charging handle, I can't easily get a proper grip on the charging handle.

    Thus I went to a charging handle that has an extended latch handle/paddle/whatchamacallit, so I could actually unlock and charge the rifle.

    On my second carbine, I got a charging handle that has extended parts on both sides, each of which unlock the latch separately. I've found it to be handy when unlocking to show clear at the 3 gun matches that I've been going to so I can practice "marksmanship" and "gun handling" in an artificially stressful environment.

    I need to pick up one to replace the mil-spec charging handle on my "varminter" rifle length AR so I don't have to fumble under the optic there, as well.

    My experience is not your experience, is not someone else's experience, etc. On a "standard" AR the mil-spec charging handle does just fine. My first AR was a pre-ban XM177E2-like carbine built by Olympic Arms that ran for well over a decade with a mil-spec charging handle, and probably still does for the dude I sold it to. But my AR's have changed, and have magnified optics to suit my aging astigmatism featured eyes, so an aftermarket altered charging handle is handy to have.

    As always, YMMV.


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