15 November 2018

Subtle But Real

If you're ever curious about the difference between Democrats and Republicans all you have to do is look at the lawsuits over the voting process in Broward County, FL.

The Republican suits all demand that the laws be obeyed.

The Democrat suits all demand that the laws be overturned, or an exception to the law be made just this one time.
This is the crux of the Democrat strategy.  Legislation is subject to the will of the voters, truly unpopular laws will be overturned when sympathetic legislators are elected.  Popular laws will be retained.
Why go to all the bother of electing a majority when you can just have a single judge eliminate a law you dislike?  Or create a law from thin air by twisting the wording of an existing law so far as to be creating a new sub-dialect of English.
The power to strike down unconstitutional laws is an important one, but the constitutionality is rarely cited.  It's about "fairness" and "justice".
Dearies, you're the ones (under the color of fairness and equality) who changed what was a functioning justice system to a legal system.  You were warned that it wouldn't do what you thought it would once it ran for a generation or two, but you did it anyway.  The same changes eliminated peace officers and made them law enforcement officers.  You're not happy about that either.

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