11 November 2018

November 12 Is Not Veteran's Day

It ticks me off that they're pulling the "observed" with Veteran's Day.

Moving the day of observation to Monday, or Friday, completely forgets WHY it's on the 11th of November.

"But we deserve a day off!" they might cry.

A day which celebrates veterans of the military, many of whom didn't get this day off because they were on duty, should be on whatever day it falls.

If that's a Saturday or Sunday, then that's the day you observe it.

Don't try to justify the slovenly curs who think every Federal Holiday comes with a three day weekend and can't remember the WHY of the days.


  1. I 'celebrated' it today, as we should.

  2. I talked to my son in law today. He'll be going on his second deployment in a couple of months, to that warm fuzzy place called XXXXXXXX. I'm proud of him. My daughter is proud of him as well. It's a tough decision to make, and I'm proud of all who do so.

    1. I'll bet some of these same people would vigorously object to "Christmas Observed".

  3. It's like trying to move Independence day to whatever Mon/Fri is convenient.


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