23 November 2018

Dimming The Sun Will Cool The Earth

"Scientists" say so!

The "good" news is the sun is doing it all on its own.

It's no surprise to people who pay attention to solar weather that the hottest weather we had last century coincided with more sunspots and the cold we're starting to see now (if we're honest with the measuring) coincides with a lack of sunspot activity.


  1. I remember when orange groves stretched from Miami to the Georgia border. But then it got too hot for all those groves, right?

    Seriously sounds like massive amounts of suckage starting around 2025.

  2. Just in the 36 years I've lived on the Space Coast, "World Famous Indian River Citrus" production has migrated south. At one time, I had three citrus trees in my backyard; all were killed by cold weather. I think they would have survived the last decade, but 10 years is weather not climate.

    As I understand it, it's not the sun dimming (total solar irradiance - TSI) that's doing it, but the magnetic fields getting weaker.

    When the sun is active, the sun's magnetic field and solar wind are stronger, which keep cosmic rays away from the earth because we live immersed in the two of them. When the magnetic field and wind are weaker, cosmic rays penetrate farther into the atmosphere, which causes more cloud formation and that leads to the cooling.

    One of the many weaknesses of the global climate models is that they're absolute crap at handling clouds. Which is better than 10 or 20 years ago when they didn't even try to model clouds.

    The thing about the cosmic ray/magnetic field theory is that it has been experimentally verified - see the Svensmark hypothesis with your favorite search engine.

    Again, as I understand it.

    1. You are correct, it's not getting dimmer. Your explanation is the correct one.

      And I knew it already, but... lazy. I'll cop to being lazy and just saying "dimming" because it went well with the linked story.


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