21 November 2018

Where's The Rattle

There's something wrong with Marv's M1911A1...

It doesn't rattle.

I've never seen this in an issue M1911A1 before.

Related to this, I think, is you cannot get the slide to move off angle appreciably from the slide rails.

It's very strange.

I've seen this on brand new 1911 guns before, like my Springfield Armory or the Colt...

1 comment:

  1. My dad's squadron armorer in Korea would take a bunch of pistols apart and assemble a few good ones from all the worn stuff they were given (usually ex WWII used stuff the Army sluffed off on the Air Force.) Dad said the armorer was a magician and assembled the nicest 45s he ever shot. So even back in the bad days there were some tight, great pistols. His squadron always won informal competitions with other squadrons thanks to the armorer.


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