13 November 2018

Simple Pleasures

A friend of mine used to own a '78 Corvette.

His wife bought him a 1/24 scale model that he's neglected to assemble for these past many years.

They asked if I would build it for them.

It was Corvette Red with an Oyster White interior.  Italian Red will have to do for the red since nobody stocks the proper, slightly darker, red in a model paint any more.

I don't think I've taken this much care on a car model, ever.


  1. Your model-fu is much stronger than mine. I think my modeling skills are below what Calvin in "Calvin and Hobbes" were.

  2. I thought the transmission was near the rear axle in those.

    1. The first four generations were conventional with the trans bolted right to the engine.

      The fifth generation, starting in 1997, moved the trans to the rear of the car for better weight balance.

      Interestingly, on manual cars the clutch is still in a bellhousing attached to the engine; but on automatic cars the torque converter is in the back with the trans.

      Coming soon! The eighth generation moves the engine back there with the trans.


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