06 November 2018

Battle Of The AR-10s

On the top:  Brownell's BRN-10B.
On the bottom: Homebrew M1956A2.

Both fire 7.62x51mm NATO.
Both have 20" 1:10 nitrided barrels.
Both accept the same family of magazines, except the BRN-10 can't take the Magpul.

The BRN-10B trips the scales at 9.2 lb. loaded with a Brownell's AR 308 magazine.
The M1956A2 is a muzzle heavy 10.7 lb. loaded with a Magpul PMAG LR/SR Gen M3.  Drop the weight to 10.6 lb. with a Brownell's magazine.

Because the M1956A2 is using an A2 stock, it's got 5/8" more pull than the BRN-10B, neither is uncomfortable.

Using the original DPMS LR 308 magazine makes the BRN-10B 9.5 lb. and the M1956A2 10.9 lb.

The trigger on the BRN-10B is a crisp 5 lb. even.  The M1956A2 is also crisp, but runs 6.0 lb.

The bolt and bolt carriers are interchangeable, by design in fact.

The M16A2 sights on the M1956A2 are slightly higher and more easily acquired.

The M1956A2 has a flat-top that can accept anything designed for a p-rail.  You even save a couple ounces by changing over to a Magpul BUIS, 10.1 lb with a loaded PMAG.

Putting a Primary Arms PAC5X ups the weight to 11.2 lb., barely more than an iron-sighted FAL!

Is it just me or is this starting to look like a C7A1 all grown up?

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