05 November 2018

Hatin' Them Jews Some More

I am increasingly baffled at the antisemitism accusations leveled at gun owners.

For decades now we're the ones who've been pointing out that our gun laws were carbon copies of the Nazi gun laws.

Perhaps even literally carbon copied by Senator Dodd.  A Democrat, by the way.

Gun owners have long been acutely aware of where gun laws prohibiting firearms ownership can lead.

It's lead to mass death at government hands too often.  Often enough to be concerned that this is always where it leads.

Because we've noticed the weapons prohibition = death we've also noticed who the star player on the killing grounds has been for National Socialist Germany and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic:  Jews.

Yes, we know it's Jews and others, but still lots and lots of dead Jews nonetheless.

Guess what this means to gun owners?

We're worried about being the "and others" next pogram so we work to make such things impossible.

Not just for us, but impossible at all.

Because it's not always the Jews.

China and Cambodia are exceptional in that their killings didn't include large numbers of Jews, but death fell from gun control anyways.

It sometimes feels like it's the American gun owner who actually remembers and heeds the words, "never again."

Another commonality here is Gun Control + Socialism = Death.

1 comment:

  1. The problem you are having is you know the truth and speak the truth, and the (socialistic) DNC value falsehood over truth.

    It is the only way to explain the massive KKK support of Democratic candidates until the 70's, while we are being told the KKK is a far-right organization and always has been.


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