22 November 2018

Did You Notice?

No malfunctions, stoppages or jams in Marv's M1911A1.

On the whole, if the gun was as bad as the internet keeps saying it is, I'd have expected to see a lot more problems from the numerous examples at hand here.

I guess it's the mechanic in me that just doesn't abuse my machines.

A hard learned lesson from cars is preventative maintenance pays dividends down the road.

I sometimes think the endurance tests on pistols, if taken to the car world, would be, "We drove the Nissan Stanza for 100,000 miles without changing the oil or replacing the tires!"

"Are you fucking stupid?" is what car-people would say.

Yet with guns...

1 comment:

  1. I clean and lube all my stuff after shooting. Be it 50 rounds or 1K, whatever number got expended that day is the cleaning interval. A properly fitted 1911 is a joy today and likely will be around for someone else to enjoy in another 100 years.
    Enjoy reading your thoughts here, thanks.
    I also change the oil, rotate tires and check the brakes on my vehicles.....
    Happy Turkey day


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