19 November 2018

Tech's War On McThag Continues

My dear, beloved, Moto X 2 is terminal.  It keeps shutting off spontaneously at random.

Mostly while trying to take a picture, but now while using at as a phone while Harvey is trying to communicate something important from the road.

So, spending money I don't really have to spare, I've got a Moto Z3 now.  I already miss my football leather back and purple anodized accents...

The Motox2 has been giving warning signs for a while and I've been shopping, so I knew what I was going to get when I walked into the store.  The sales person was complete unprepared for such decisiveness.

It's huge, and heavy compared to the svelte Motox2, but MAN is that camera good.

Still getting it set up and disabling all the NEW IMPROVED features.

There's an astonishing number of "we can improve your experience if you just let us have access to..." messages.  You can't entice someone who's content with what they've got already so I've been denying them this access.

Two things I am avoiding setting up are the facial recognition and fingerprint unlocking features.

Something about the new phone I'm very happy with is the Skymap app once again points accurately.  The Motoz3 must have better compass and gyros than the Motox2.

The larger screen gives a better experience when using it for GPS navigation and having a new battery sure improves how long it can stay on.  Today is the battery life test.  I'm going to see how long I can go.  Yesterday 12 hours of playing around with it on the side while playing Traveller: Interstellar Wars only dropped the batt to 89%.

On an aside:  I noted while shopping for the phone that Verizon still has flip phones.  This is excellent news for the Bubbas and Willards out there who don't WANT a phone that's more than a phone.  Remember what I said about being content?

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  1. "It keeps shutting off spontaneously at random."

    Sounds like you needed a new battery. I had a similar problem with my Moto G 1st gen, swapped in a new battery and didn't have any more problems.

    But I have to agree, the newer phones do have much better cameras.

    The Moto G6 I upgraded to is very nice.


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