08 November 2018

Still Not Me

11 people, 1 responding LEO and the shitbag who started it are dead.

12 too many.

Once again, it's in that perennial favorite of the gun-control crowd:  A gun free zone.

It's also in California.  It's hard to find a jurisdiction that has more of the gun-control wish-list on gun-ownership than California.

The shooter was probably committing multiple felonies before they fired the first shot.

How many people have to die before we admit that gun free zones are just killing floors?


  1. None of my guns hitchhiked across America to go 'gun-crazy' in California.

    Some people elsewhere are suggesting this may be ANTIFA related. Would not be surprised at all if there are links.

    And, yeah, I refuse to step into gun-free zones (except for hospitals, someone has to watch out for my wife when she's in one.)

  2. My guns have been their usual well-behaved selves, and are safely in the gun safe.

    I remember one survivor of the Killeen massacre bitterly regretted that she'd obeyed the restaurant's rules and left her (legally carried) pistol in her car when the shooting started.


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