27 November 2018

Are The '80's Retro?

Brownell's is getting ready to release a 1980's throwback 1911.

They're calling it retro, but are the 80's retro?

I remember this debate from the retro section of Arfcom, arguably the people who coined the term in relation to guns.

They put a cut-off on retro to just past the end of Vietnam.

The M16A2 isn't retro.

The M16A2 is from the '80's...

See where this is leading?

How old does something have to be before it's retro?

The barometer in clothing and cars is when the vintage parts become valuable when there's a groundswell in interest and recreating the look of an era.

I don't see anyone besides CBS doing the '80's...

Are the fashions of Miami Vice coming back?

Are the guns of Miami Vice back in vogue?

The prices on S&W 645's don't seem much higher than a couple years ago.

I don't think the '80's are retro... yet.

Brownell's could be the pioneer that starts a trend though!

Bring on the Armani wrinkled suits and wearing penny-loafers without socks!



  1. Hey Angus;

    I don't consider the 80's "retro", it to me was the best decade for the past 70+ years....and the music was cool also.

  2. I think they are. To me, deploying in early 07, the M-16A2 was old school.

  3. If it does become "retro" and a "thing" someone let me know so I can sell my Detonics Combatmaster at a decent price.

  4. This becomes enough of a thing, I'm going to make Bren 10 magazines.

  5. ...I'm wearing a shoulder holster...

  6. Some AR-15's are C&R eligible.
    Now does that make us feel old?


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