15 November 2018

Is Anyone Actually Surprised?

It would appear that DoJ is going to ban bumpstocks by decree via the regulation process.

It's not the first time, and doubtlessly not the last, where a regulatory agency has taken legislative power for itself and promulgated a regulation which is not supported by the law cited.

Until we get someone in the elected portion of our government to stand up and demand that the regulations serve the law and not be laws unto themselves this will never change.

By the way, if you've a pistol brace on any "pistol" that would otherwise be a short-barrel-rifle, I'd get my Form 1 and $200 check out to West Virginia most riki-tik.

Prolly going to come for the not-shotguns like the Shockwave after that.

Sadly, looking for loopholes is the mark of people desperate to do something that's otherwise illegal.

Can't own an MG?  Figure out how to make a semi-auto act like one.
Can't own an SBR?  Pistol brace.
Can't own an SBS?  Not-a-shotgun-but-a-firearm.

Finding the loopholes always brings a response from the entities who banned the things and left the loopholes.

It used to be they passed a new law... welcome the world where there's a Legiscutive Branch making all the laws.

I still feel that regulation should only go into effect once its gotten Congressional approval, especially since regs are treated as if they have the force of law.

But Congress has abdicated their power to unelected bureaucrats in the executive branch.

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