25 November 2018

Datum Example

Most of us gunnie types have at least read about length of pull, drop at the heel and drop at the comb.

Many of us can even say what these measurements are and how they are taken.

But do we know what they mean?

They're the measurements that determine the "fit" of a gun to a given shooter.

They're both objective and subjective.

Objective in a given person of a given set of dimensions will need these dimensions to be within a range for their measurements.

Subjective in the shooter will like the way the gun feels best at a point within this range, which could differ from another shooter of the same measurements.

Fitting the gun to the shooter is taking these measurements and applying them to the gun.

If you've no idea what your measurements are and what your fit to a given set of lengths and drops, these dimensions are pretty meaningless.

But what they are for and how to use them is readily explained.  There's even web pages and videos explaining them and showing how they're applied.

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