03 November 2018

My Account Is Hacked

I got a series of emails addressed to an account I have not actually logged into for over four years.

I used to have a SpamCop email address.  They stopped providing smtp and pop service when they got out of the email business in 2014.

Before the end they did allow you to set up mail forwarding to another email address of your choosing.  This doesn't require me to log in or anything.

Strangely, the fowarding is still active.

Which brings us to my account being hacked.

The message tells me that I can tell it's been hacked because the "from" address is the same as the "to" address.

Uh, actually that doesn't mean anything, Mr L33T Haxxor, there's a box on most of my email programs that lets me set the "from" address to anything I want.

It tells me that they installed a keylogger and know all of my passwords, so don't go trying to change them now.

Except there isn't a keylogger running.  Yes, Mr Hacker, I know how to check that.

It congratulates me on my imagination for the porn I like; then tells me about the picture they took with the webcam attached to my computer of me in an embarrassing position.

So, you've figured out how to see me rubbing one out through black electrical tape?  Never mind that my porn choices are very vanilla.

It then tells me that if I don't fire off $300 to $1,000 dollars in bitcoin to their account they're going to email those pics to everyone on my contact list.

I had 48 hours to do so.  It's been two weeks.

If they really had that pic I would have expected some sort of reply from someone by now.  Not a single, "why did you send me a dick pic?" or "Thanks, but we're just friends!" from anyone.

I guess it was just a phishing expedition.


  1. I didn't get it either, forward it when you get a chance. :)

  2. Hey Angus;

    All of your porn is gun related...I am sure that is a disappointment to the hackers....LOL


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