09 April 2021

1873 Brace


An impossible combination historically.  The Winchester 1873 didn't get chambered for .45 Colt for a variety of reasons until very recently.

While both are models of 1873, the revolver is more appropriately from 1898 after being refurbished at Springfield National Armory.


  1. You could get away with having both chambered in .44-40. In the novel True Grit, Charles Portis describes Rooster Cogburn as having a Colt and a Winchester in the same caliber, which would presumably be .44-40.

    1. .44-40 and .38-40 were the common brace calibers for this combination historically.

      Modern availability of .44-40 is erratic and spotty compared to how common .45 Colt is, so I went with the anachronism.

    2. Where did I come up with .32-40? I fixed my comment above.

    3. .32-20 was another caliber common to both the 1873 and the Colt, I believe.


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