11 April 2021

It's How Things Work

Mr Willard is the generous benefactor who got me the center diamond style magna stocks for my Model 15.

After, of course, I'd put in a bid on some correct-for-the-gun-but-not-for-the-period no diamond stocks on ebay.

If he had not given me the diamond grips, I would have been outbid and had to keep dealing with the too-narrow, too-square "Smith & Wesson Factory Grips S&W K, L-Frame Square Butt Checkered Dymondwood" I got from Midway.

Since he did, I won the auction and will have a set of no-diamond stocks for a K frame without a K frame to put them on.

THIS IS DANGEROUS!  A Model 19 is a K frame...  I don't have a service size .357...



  1. Are no diamond grips period correct for a Model 10-7? My grips are trashed so I might be able to help. Also considering the finish on my reimported police trade in Altamont grips would be chrome rims on a hooptie

    1. The SEALs in Vietnam tried to get Model 19's but ended up with Model 15-2's. Those have diamond center grips.

      My gun is a 15-3 and didn't come with diamond center grips.

      Changing to the diamond style makes it retro and period for the SEAL motif.

      I've got a set of non-diamonds coming, are you offering to buy them?


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