14 April 2021

A Spanish Phrase Sums Up A Most American Concept

¡Sin trabajo, sin dinero!

Hillsborough County Florida schools are looking to clip 1,000 positions.

I notice that they imply that those positions are all teaching jobs.

I also remember how hard the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association fought to prevent students from returning to classes, yet also retain full pay for their teachers.

¡Sin trabajo, sin dinero!

Well, you succeeded in keeping things shut down as long as you could and it's splashed back on you.  Congratulations!

I've long since lost all sympathy for the plight of public school teachers.

Pay and benefits for teachers are excellent, even if the pay alone seems lower than you'd expect for a college educated person.  No contribution, no out of pocket healthcare?  No contribution, 100% salary pension after 20?  Take a 20% pay cut compared to your classmates from college?

Yeah, sign me up.

Preferences in loans and interest rates?  Everyone forgets this.

Lots of teacher discounts at eateries and bars.

Yet... the budgets are going up faster than inflation, more staff is being hired, classrooms sizes are going down.

Scores are stagnant.

Even all that I could forgive.

But since the public school teacher is the nexus point where children get their very first dose of woke...

Fuck each and every one of them with something sharp and dirty.

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