24 April 2021

Joe's Missing The Point

President Biden is under the impression that he can grant us permission to celebrate Independence Day.

I'm of the opinion that if you're looking to a government, or elected official for permission to enjoy the 4th of July you're missing the entire point of the day.

I seriously doubt that anyone will try to stop us from celebrating.

Nobody did last year.

But that was then...


  1. Thinking about it, we could have a bunch of guys get in a shoot out with some Marines in the parking lot of a local bar followed by a cross country running event so as to combine an Homage, Cosplay, Fireworks, Reenactment, and Chili tasting event all in one glorious debauch. We could invite old Slow Joe himself to attend as grand marshal and designated pinata. And we invite all the Canadians to attend. If they don't show up and cheer (loud!) we'll hold the Fireworks and Chili events on their front yards! Yes!
    "It will be Glorious!!"
    Evel Knievel

  2. In most of the country, this will be ignored... in the parts that try to enforce it, it will STILL be mostly ignored, as you say like last year was...

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  4. He can go fook himself. How many fireworks go off within city limits with laws, ha ha ha. Don't fook with my favorite non religious holiday.


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