16 April 2021

OG TIE Collection

Lego set 75211 appears to be the pinnacle of the TIE fighter for form relative to the minifig and play size.

It was rather expensive when it was in stores.

I'd long hoped that Lego would make a TIE Interceptor in this size and style, they had before when TIE's were blue and black.

Sadly, they've gone to a "chibi" proportioned style lately, so even if they do make a new interceptor, it won't match the one from 75211.

Happily, you can make an interceptor with virtually no extra parts.

The only part missing from the original kit was the four guns at the tips of the "wings".

Also shown is Darth's TIE Advanced from the original movie, this is from Lego kit 75150.

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