13 April 2021

You Know

Bernie, I know the very idea of how Mr Musk got rich is alien to the way YOU got rich.

I've got a suggestion for EVERY multi-millionaire socialist out there who want to tax unto oblivion millionaires who've actually earned their fortunes:

Why don't you spend your own damn money on these social programs you're advocating?

I know that you aren't because you not only own more property than I do, but my entire net worth couldn't rent your garage for a month.

I tell you, nothing disgusts me more than a rich socialist.  Not even a child molester is so low.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, a rich socialist with 3 dachas, I mean 3 palatial houses, while others go homeless or face foreclosure for various reasons.

    Kind of like a semi-failed bartender who couldn't get a job in his/her/its collegiate field of study, who now wears $5k skinny pants and $1k shoes and has a furnished apartment provided for him/her/it.

    It is something that I bring up to my ex-friends who are socialist who confront me with my evil capitalism. Lost more than one when I pointed out that if they didn't want to have student loan debt, they shouldn't have gotten student loans they couldn't pay off. Especially when I point out how much HVAC workers make, or welders, or auto mechanics (at a good shop.)

    I believe in (small) socialism, the contract of the people to take care of other people who are on hard times but are still willing to be productive to the extent they can. But not Socialism, which always ends in a segment of the population being killed, the leaders of the movement being richer than princes while the peons grovel for basic necessities.


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