01 April 2021

Long Distance

I realized, today, that the main contributing factor in me no longer being friends with so many people is that once I stopped initiating contact, all contact ended.

There's a whopping three-person exception for people I knew in Iowa.

More than these three people have accepted the friend requests for Facebook, but they, by and large, don't interact with me there either.

It's a place where interaction is the least costly in terms of time invested and they still don't bother.

Is friendship really that transient and ephemeral to most people?

It really makes me cherish the friends whom remain and start conversations.


  1. I know how you feel. Folks that I thought were good friends who never initiate a contact, and suddenly it's been a couple of years as I decided to wait until they reached out. Sad.

  2. Same thing here. As soon as life turned sideways for us and we had to pull back due to not being able to travel, suddenly a huge fall of social contacts.

    Sad to say, I have more contact with my family (which, if you know me, is minimal for reasons) than with my 'friends.'


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