23 April 2021

Damn My Eyes!

The flaky idea of going up to Talladega has been torpedoed by a quick check on Talladega Motor Speedway's schedule...

General Tire 200, Ag-Pro 300 on Sat, and Geico 500 on Sunday.

That made prices at the nearby hotels triple.

There's not many realistic options that don't involve a hotel stay.

Have to keep an eye on the stock of 1903A3's at the CMP Forums, Willard's terms for buying back Catherine are too steep.


  1. Do it anyway.

    Drive 500 miles, stop for the night, drive 60 miles in the morning, do the transaction, drive home.

    Works for me.

    1. It is't like he doesn't have a car that could easily make 560 miles in 6 hours or so... :-D

      Starting out in the morning he could be back before dark.

    2. Legally? :)

      As background, I drove from Adelaide in South Australia to Perth in Western Australia (a distance of 2700 kilometers, about 1680 miles) in 17 hours back in 1987.

      Believe me, that was NOT legal, since Oz has a 110 km/hr (~60 mph) maximum open road speed limit.

      These days, the Nullarbor Plain that makes up most of that trip is a continuously monitored speed trap, and at the speeds I was doing it would have been "car seized, driver jailed" if I had been stopped.


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