30 April 2021



  1. Sixty years ago, after visiting Miami, my dad said that the entire USA would eventually succumb to Latinization of driving habits. He was right, seeing that near 8% of our population is now illegal invaders, all of whom seem to be able to get a driver license and a car (without insurance).

    1. 8% has to be just the illegal portion. Legal residents of Hispanic origin have to be way more than that. Perhaps my perspective is different given I live in a border state. As for license... at least here people without valid documents (DPS does actually check, unlike employers) can't get them, but that certainly does not stop them from driving. And insurance, registration, etc? Not really necessary. Go to the flea market and get a set of plates once the paper tags expire. It isn't uncommon to see window registration stickers sometimes 8-10 years out of date. Austin PD won't stop or detain anyone they suspect might be undocumented because it just gets the officer and department in trouble with the powers that be.

  2. Used to play Car Wars slot. Steve Jackson
    signed my copy of 1st issue of ADQ. lost it all in a basement
    flood. Good times.


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