06 April 2021

Lucky Caliber


Ruger Totally-Not-A-Deerslayer "carbine" and a S&W Model 29-3 4" bbl.  With genuine S&W holster!

All .44 Magnum, all the time.


  1. You are a lucky man. I wish I had picked up one of those .44 Magnums that are M1 Carbinish in size way back when.


    1. Me too. These are pictures of The Chomps Collection.

  2. Travis McGee used one of the Ruger carbines in The Long Lavender Look to off the bad guy, and spoke of the gun admiringly.

    1. Bob:

      You just brought a smile to my face, as another McGee fan who remembers that from *Lavender*.

      If I ever pick one up, I am ashamed to admit that would be my primary reason. Then again, I’m pretty sure I have bought guns for dumber reasons...

      ==Dwight Brown


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