19 April 2021

Who Was It Who Wanted These?

K-frame, square-butt, no-diamond, magna style.

And Slow Jow Crow in the comments said, "Are no diamond grips period correct for a Model 10-7? My grips are trashed so I might be able to help. Also considering the finish on my reimported police trade in Altamont grips would be chrome rims on a hoopti."

This style grip is still being used to this very day and would be just fine on a 10-7! 

UPDATE: I suspect that these aren't for a K frame.  I put them on the Model 15 and they sit proud of the metal all around the grip frame.

There's an 'N' embossed in the right side grip too.

These might be for an N-frame.  Need to get Willard's 29 back over here to see if they fit that.


  1. I'll purchase them from you if still available - have a revolver that came with Pachmayr grippers that rub me the wrong way (for that pistol). Some factory wood grips might be the ticket for more woods time. Name your price - shipping zip code is continental USA 78501.


    1. If it is for an N frame, I'm still interested. A Model 29 resides closeby with factory target Goncalo Alves grips. Service grips for this would be interesting to try. If already gone, no problem.


  2. I'll fess up, those look right so can you email me about relieving you of the burden of buying a K Frame

  3. Google doesn't share your email addresses with me. But thanks to moderation if you make a comment with your email addy in it, I will be the only one who sees it.


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