27 April 2021

Layers Of Fact Checking


It checks out.  CBSN hates us and thinks we suck too.


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  2. Who did they get to pose a Glock for them that doesn't know how to load a magazine?

  3. Hey Angus;

    I'm surprised that they didn't put some tricked up AR-15 to scare the Progs and mundanes.......Remember Optics are everything to these clowns.

  4. I am no longer surprised by how completely ignorant most liberals are. Even if you didn't know how to load a magazine, simple common sense logic should tell you that the bullet points towards the muzzle. When I was a kid at least, I think the average 5 year old could figure that out. But I think kids are not taught things like that anymore. Haven't been in a long time, which is probably why so many supposed adults don't seem to understand how so many relatively simple things work. Of course even liberals from older generations seem to be pretty stupid when it comes to anything firearm related. Especially Senators and Congresspeople. I personally would question if a person doesn't have some basic knowledge of firearms they probably shouldn't be allowed to write or even vote upon legislation related to them. Maybe people who don't know how to drive probably shouldn't be allowed to vote on matters relating to transportation either.


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