28 April 2021


So many people have moved to Florida, they've brought another Representative with them.

It's happened before.

When I moved here in 1997, there were just 23 Representatives.

Then the 2000 Census moved two seats from New York.

Then the 2010 Census moved two seats from New York.

Now the 2020 Census has moved another seat from New York.

We're up to 28!  They're down to 26 from 31 when I moved here.

I wonder if we're going to be hearing about essential Florida is for the vital health of the nation, as we did in 1998 when NY was that much more powerful in The House.

I have noticed that many former New Yorkers are toning it way down on the, "things were better back home," because they're a lot more likely to get a, "then go the fuck back!" now than they were.

As a former Iowan, there's things I miss about "home", but they're small things and I'm doing fine without them.


  1. About the only thing I miss about Iowa is the relative lack of traffic. Other than that... Iowa pretty much sucks. I can't really think of anything redeeming of it. Pretty much nothing but corn fields and hog lots. If I ever get nostalgic for either of those I know where to find them a lot closer than there. IOWA = I Oughta Went Around.

    But if I had to choose between Iowa and New York... Not a question Iowa sucks less. Not many places suck more than New York. California maybe. Washington DC... Even Illinois sucks less than New York.

  2. "things I miss about "home"", Snow and cold, things I will not miss soon as I am leaving for further south then where I am now, South of Missouri South...


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