04 April 2021

Deferred Maintenance

Finally got around to putting a good scrub on the Kiv.39's chamber.

It had the typical "need a cheater pipe" hard to open after firing that's too stereotypical of the Mosin action.

Getting a good look at the chamber is not easy on a Mosin, but once I had the angle you could see a ring of black where the throat of the case was.

It was decades of lacquer accumulation.

Not horribly difficult to remove, but not something that would get much touched by the normal cleaning regimen.

The action cycles dummy rounds much easier now!  I even tried before and after cleaning to see if would have any effect.

Now I have yet another gun to drag to the range to see if it's running better after getting something changed.

1 comment:

  1. Angus,

    I stopped using coated ammo in my 1934 Tula 91/30 long ago after some gummed up my chamber. I had been firing it quite a bit and the receiver got hot. An empty shell "glued" itself in place requiring a dead blow hammer on the bolt handle to get it open. Luckily it was a steel case and the base did not tear off requiring the broken shell extractor tool (which I have). I did some testing after that incident with some Hungarian zinc plated steel and some PPU brass rounds. I purposely heated the receiver with rapid fire and left an empty shell of each in the chamber for two minutes. Both extracted easily as normal. I won't even buy the lacquer coated ammo and don't have any in my stock.


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