13 April 2021

Real SEAL Response

I shared my pic of my XM177E2 clone and the S&W 15 to Arfcom and got an interesting reply,

Each guy was still issued a stainless model 686 in the early 90's when I first got to the Teams.  Thank God they got rid of them!  The intention was that they were stainless and more resistant to corrosion.  

Down side was the geniuses in charge of acquisitions had no idea the level of asspain cleaning them was after being submerged in salt water (think side-plate removal for 16 Frogs just to get back in the water on a dive the next night) was compared to just rinsing and cleaning a P226. 


Thinking about it, ayup.  There's so much more that's inaccessible in a revolver than a semi-auto.

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