08 April 2021

Time Travelers Take Note


An M1881 holster altered to accept a .45 Colt New Service will also accept a S&W Model 29.

Plus, when your supply of .44 Magnum runs out you can still pack .44 Special.


  1. Will it fit an Anaconda? The only other thing I have in .44 is an S&W First Model Double Action in .44 Russian.

    1. In general if a 25 or 29 fits, so does an Anaconda.

    2. I kinda figured so. I have a decidedly less cool shoulder holster for the Anaconda. I have a "US" holster similar to the one you started with here that my Pietta Remington 1858 (with R&D .45 Colt conversion cylinder) fits in nicely. Neither one are regular carry pieces. The Anaconda might be if I wanted something to make the statement "don't F with me" for open carry. Not something I normally do. Only if I had to go to a place where I needed to be overt. That's best avoided in my opinion however. And a handgun is only a backup to a long one in such cases most likely.


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