26 April 2021

Same Day Installation

New water heater is installed!

Happy dance!

Something I thought interesting was the 14-year-old "General Electric" unit was also made by Rheem.

We did have an "Uhhhhhh" moment when we gave it power.  No popping, no hissing, no sound at all.

That's a new one for me and hot water heaters.

The water gets hot like it's supposed to, so I'm OK with silent.


  1. how many gallons is that water heater? It looks tiny to me, but my frame of reference is gas fired units which need space for the burner.

    1. Electric 38 gallon 4500/4500w. It replaces a similar unit of the same gallons with 4500/3380w.

      Gas fired is very rare in my area and I miss my gas stove!

    2. Mine is a 40 gallon gas fired unit and it's 4 1/2' high plus another 16" for the seismic base which is why a hot water heater on a shelf was so surprising

    3. 32-1/2" tall and sitting on shelf is not unusual for Florida. We don't tend to have seismic, just wind and rain.


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