06 April 2021

Neither Is Actually A Carbine...

Ruger Blackhawk in .30 Carbine with an M1 Carbine out of Israel.

The M1 carbine isn't really a carbine because it's not the short version of a rifle.


  1. That was one of the weird Rugers, made probably because Bill Ruger himself fancied having one. Same reason for the Ruger .256 Hawkeye single-shot revolver.

  2. have that combo. i guess you could call the m1 a pistol caliber carbine.

  3. I have a Universal M1 Carbine. They aren't very collectible because they aren't GI, although mine is one of the early ones made with a GI parts kit and a commercially made receiver. It does shoot decent. I remember back in the day Jacobsen had an AMT AutoMag III in .30 Carbine that I lusted after. Never was high enough on my list to get bought though. Maybe someday I will get one. The grip was ssssuuuuper thick. And the slide was lllllooong. But that is what made it so interesting I guess.

    1. There was a guy at Ike's in Ames with a (I think) Coonan 1911ish thing in .30 Carbine who let us squeeze a couple of rounds. Very neat. THICK grip and longish slide like the AutoMag III.

    2. Yeah, Coonan made some cool stuff back in the day. Even more rare than AMT I think.


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