18 April 2021

No Legal Application?

Reading this article on the proposed ban on suppressors...

A quote from Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ 12) stands out, "hey have no legal application, which is why law enforcement officials around the country have been calling for their elimination.

No legal application?

Well, they're not illegal to own if you've bothered with the tedious, but simple, process of getting a tax-stamp in most states.

So simply owning one and admiring it is a legal application in 42 states.

Mounting one to a firearm and shooting at the range is a legal application in those same 42 states.

Mounting one to a firearm and going hunting is a legal application in 34 states.

Maybe the perspective from one of the 8 states which bans the ownership of suppressors has warped them.

Perhaps the problem is really with illegally owned suppressors?  I guarantee you that if legally owned suppressors were a problem we'd be hearing from the usual anti-gun suspects about how the process of obtaining one is entirely too easy and should be made harder.  Well... they do that anyway, but generally get laughed at for it.

For the fucking record, I don't give a rat's ass what law enforcement officials want.  They get what I decide they get.  They are our employees and they get told by their employers what their job is.

And when they decide I shouldn't own something that I've a right to own, then I fire them.  The local sheriff pivoted hard on this very issue just before 41P went down.  There were a couple of serious primary contenders running on being a bit more NFA friendly than he was.


  1. Though, in Florida, many of the rank and file have some firearms understanding, all too often the Admin pukes, from Public Info Officer to Chief of Police/Sheriff and the yahoos in Training are at best FUDs and at worst Leftist anal-muscles who hate guns and any freedoms with a passion.

    Sadly, as more and more 'muh diversity' takes over, common sense is not seen as a good thing, and what actual gun-oriented cops have turned from strong understanding of the 2A to 'we are the only ones smart enough to use a gun.'

    We see the same with a lot of pro-gun bloggers and writers, who believe us dirt-people who can't afford a mortgage payment worth of ammo in 2019 prices or to go to $10K training classes bi-weekly shouldn't have guns because we're too stupid or too untrained or too... dirt people.

    The gun-writers that also write for cop mags, they're lost to us for the most part.

  2. WHAT law enforcement officials? i don't see anyone but politicians calling for this. leo's couldn't care less about suppressors.

  3. i haven't seen any leo come out against suppressors...in tx some chiefs came out against constitutional carry but i can't think of any speaking out about suppressors...at this point the libtards are throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks and having the msm run stories on it...they are going for broke with half the country in a covid trance...they will push too far soon...something will have to give...more of us than them...


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