06 April 2021

The Guns From Brazil

Rossi R92 carbine in .44 Mag/Spcl. and a Taurus 441 in .44 Special.


  1. I'd like one of the Rossi guns myself, although YouTube videos indicate that they are poorly finished from the factory and require some attention by a gunsmith to make them reliable and remove the sharp edges.

    1. Braztech will make them to any level of finish you're willing to pay for, just like Star would back in the day or Uberti today.

      If you don't pay for it, you don't get it and Rossi don't.

      The Lovely Harvey's Hartford 92 was made on the same factory floor, her's is reliable. Marv's Rossi has been a trainwreck. We dunno about the one in this picture.


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