22 April 2021

Speaking Of The Heat

A friend of mine once got convinced to come out from Arizona to Orlando to pay homage to The Mouse.

Don't have kids, they lead to stupid decisions.

Like DisneyWorld in July.

I warned him about the heat.

He assured me that he knew from heat, living in Phoenix and all.

I said the trite old adage, "you don't know shit about humidity."

Well, he nearly had heatstroke from not being familiar with the difference between a dry heat and a wet one.  The signals his body was sending him didn't communicate the message because he didn't have a frame of reference to recognize it for what it was.

Happily, all's well that ends well and once he got cooled off and re-hydrated he was all better.


  1. Yep. Cousin of mine who is acclumated to Salt Lake City came down to south Texas in May for a family get together. Decided a 5 mile run would be just the thing to see how many things have changed since his last visit. It was in high nineties at the 11 a.m. time he began. Humidity from tropical Gulf of Mexico was high.

    Well, he got about a mile before he was gassed out. He called me to pick him up. He had a water bottle and drank about half, the other spilled over his head to help cool off.\


  2. The first time that I was ever in Florida was back in August of 1989 or 1990 on a business trip visiting three manufacturing plants to survey their equipment. I couldn't believe how miserable Orlando could be in the summer. It was 100+ degrees with 100% humidity. Yikes! Went to the local Bennigan's that evening to rehydrate with about a dozen or so gin & tonics. It was really pleasant when I came back in late December. Low 50s and raining. I was out on the balcony of the hotel having a smoke early in the morning wearing only slacks and a tee shirt. Saw people walking around with coats and gloves and thought WTF. These people don't know what cold is. It was 15 degrees and snowing when I flew out of Pittsburgh. I guess it's all what you're used to.....

    1. Harvey and I often joke that, back in Iowa, a 50 degree day in February would have people out in tank-tops, shorts and sandals.

      Heat and cold being relative is something I experienced in Iowa.

      We were testing a vending machine's heater so we could put them outdoors in Canada. There was a local deep freeze warehouse that had -60°F rooms, so we put it in there overnight. I stopped in to take readings in the morning and walked out into the (record breaking) -15° outside air and started to take my coat off because it was so "warm". The workers taking a smoke break laughed at me knowingly.

  3. From the other side, the last time I got a large sunburn was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    We went up there just before the 4th of July several years ago. Signed up for a boat ride, almost 100% exposure to the sun. "I'm from Florida and I'm outside every day, I'm used to the sun" Yeah, right. I was out at 9 or 10 AM for an hour or two, not a couple of hours at midday.

    By evening, I was hitting the Jackson Hole Walmart (?) for some moisturizer.

  4. I've been to Mouseworld twice and don't plan to go again. I've also been the Keys in July ib a vehicle without AC... THAT was miserable!


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