28 April 2021


As flighty as I can be at times...

There's stuff I remember that sticks.

There's a few items here and there where I remember who said what and when and it gets held until an appropriate moment to spit it back.

A spat I had with Miggy a while back had him dismissing what I was saying because I was quoting "some guy on the internet".

MiamiJBT from Arfcom was who I was quoting.

Well, MiamiJBT has morphed into Luis Valdes of Florida Gunowners of America.

Suddenly he's sanctified by being GOA's voice in Tallahassee and no longer just some dude.

By his own admission, he's not really doing anything different than he would be without GOA on his business card.

He's also the first person who reported what Marion was doing to us way back when open carry and campus carry got amended on the floor with the very same poison pill amendments rejected in committee.

But, hey, he's official now!

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