20 April 2021


All across America, a conversation is taking place.

It's taking place quietly and in near secrecy.

The topic does not bode well for a certain segment of society unless they can manage to chill the fuck out in a very rapid order really goddamn soon.

That the conversations are taking place is very significant.

Such conversations start seeking justice after being treated unfairly, but have led to genocide.

It's important to remember that pre-Victoria, genocide was Western Civ's go-to for dealing with peoples who would not be assimilated.

Consider this my Cassandra moment for the year.


  1. In San Francisco way back in the day, there were committees formed to talk of vigilance over just these very issues...

  2. Besides the "conversations taking place," imagine what people not conversing are thinking and planning.

    One spark is all its gonna take.

  3. Things are getting close to a breaking point.

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  5. Fate is just crying "Wolf!" to tease some of us, and desensitize us a bit when it finally happens.

    The problem with history as it's taught is that it concentrates on the obvious inflections, but ignores the weeks, months, and years of sheer boredom and false alarms that led up to those historic moments.

    I just finished Robin Olds' memoirs. To do the old lion true justice, they should have been 1500 pages long, with only one or two paragraphs dedicated to actually being in a dogfight. But neither memory nor storytelling work like that. Only life does. Be ready for the unforgiving minute, but expect the years of boredom that is the everyday life one must endure to get to those minutes.


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