01 April 2021

C&R Keeps Creeping On

Checking my list of guns and I noticed that several of my guns have entered Curio and Relic status by becoming 50 years old.  Guns which weren't C&R when I got them.

That's 1971 and earlier now.

I've yet to own a gun from new that became C&R.  Twenty years to go on that Glock 21!

I've owned that pistol for thirty years?  Where did the time go?


  1. Wow. I bought a Glenfield (by Marlin) 22 rifle in 1970. Still have it.

  2. Hey... I have one of those that's old enough to be a C&R. I need to look up those rules.

  3. I have a Glenfield that is the same as a Marlin 60, as well as a couple Marlin 60s. Great little .22 rifles. Cheap to buy, cheap to shoot. Reliable, good accuracy.

  4. So is that all it takes is a 50 year old weapon and it becomes a curio? I seem to recall a list from the atf that DESIGNATED what was and what was not a curio, or relic. And they seemed to avoid many cool items, bfytw.

    Asking for a friend.

    1. 50 years old or older OR on their designated list.

      Yugo SKS's are on the designated list, for example.


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