01 April 2021

Going Camping With A Ballerina?

Let's ignore your intentions with your choice of pistol, shall we?

Two guns chambered in .45 ACP which take 1911 magazines and aren't 1911's.

Marlin Model 45 "Camp Carbine" and HAFDASA Automatic Pistol or Ballerina Molester Ballesta-Molina.

1 comment:

  1. Thar B-M looks a lot nicer than mine. I bought the cheapest grade from SARCO. They put a new spring kit in it (good) and new grips (ugly), but mine has most of the finish worn off, the slide was typical GI loose, the grip screws were chewed up and the barrel looked like a sewer pipe inside. I hand fitted a new match barrel and link, peened the slide to tighten it up, and replaced the grip screws. It now shoots nicely but is still ugly as hell. I'm thinking of re-finishing it with Duracoat, and either staining the grips dark or replacing them. My grips are a light tan color, I like the ones on the one in the pic above a lot more. Maybe a little sanding and scraping and some Kiwi brown will do the trick.


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