08 April 2021

Wee "Big" Game Hunter

 Savage 93F, Ruger Single-Six and NAA .22 Mag in .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire.


  1. The .22 Magnum is a useful cartridge for hunters. The higher velocity is good for 'Big Small Game', animals like javelina, turkey being a bit too large for standard long rifle (in my opinion). Especially in rifles, where the higher velocity and energy gained from a long barrel.

    Not quiet in handguns, especially a snub nose. One individual I know carries a Taurus 941UL snub model in the wilderness, figuring the loud report can be a signal device if incapacitated. Ammunition is not very bulky and 50 rounds is not too bulky or heavy to carry.

    The higher cost of .22 Magnum is too high for plinking, and the .22 Magnum is not regarded to be especially accurate. But for hunters with big small game - yes !


    1. Wilma is accurate enough at 100 yards: https://live.staticflickr.com/7814/47220880862_09b135aa6e_b.jpg

  2. Nice choices. .22 Mag is an underrated cartridge for taking small game.


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