02 April 2021

It Just Hit Me

What's the procedure for when your guns age into C&R status?

Doesn't matter until you sell it?

I think I've already spotted a potential trap with purchasing a gun you don't realize is C&R because you're assuming it's not old enough and thus skipping entering it into your bound book.


  1. Angus,

    I have had a C&R for a long time, but have yet to use it to make purchase. The way I understand it, my privately owned firearms are just that, private. I have many that qualify as C&R, but were puchased through private or regular commercial sales, therefore not required to be on my C&R inventory. If I sold one to someone and they used their C&R, then that's on them.

    1. As I understand it...

      Anything that's C&R that you owned before you got your FFL doesn't have to be logged until you sell it. Then you put it in your bound book as "from personal collection" in the acquisition column.

      Once you are a C&R FFL *ANYTHING* you acquire that's C&R gets logged. There's no "but I bought this private" exception.

      I think that something you already owned becoming C&R while you owned it is handled like the first case, no log unless you sell it.

      ATF, of course, doesn't make this clear at all.

    2. BATFE, of course, will change their rulings to fit whatever they want it to fit, and make it retroactive.

      Oh, we don't like this, ban it, tough nuggies if you bought it in 1750...

  2. So if my weapon was manufactured in the 80's; but it's a "1911".....is it a C&R?

    1. Absolutely not. ATF is very clear about it.

      Sometimes even modifying the gun from its original configuration will knock it off C&R status.

      Though we're entering a strange era where lots of those old military Mausers which were made into deer assassination rifles were converted long enough ago to resume C&R status.

  3. One of the reasons I haven't gotten a C&R is because it makes a record of everything I bought after that... I have my 07 and that DOESN'T have the same requirement...

    1. Unlike the other FFLs, if you let your C&R lapse, you can destroy your book.


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