29 April 2021

My Labor is $0 An Hour For Hobbies

Since I've been upgrading my Star Wars Lego fighters lately...

My B-Wing (7180) really shows its age.

75050 is more in keeping with the style of the other sets I'm displaying, but it's become a collector's item.

Then it hit me.

Lego is interchangeable.

Lego also publishes the instructions with parts list online.

So instead of nearly $300 for a complete, sealed, set.  Just over $100 including the pilot, who is the only non-standard part in the kit.  But it takes about two hours to enter all those part numbers into Brick-Owl's system and check out of the various vendors stores.

Doing a quick re-watch of Jedi surprised me.  The B-Wing is much smaller than I remembered.  It's about the same width as a X-Wing.

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