26 May 2023

Harvey's On Fire

Went shooting today!

She doesn't want to jinx it by telling me what she changed until she's done it two sessions in a row, but we're very happy with this group at 7 yards!

I dug out my .38 Super Gov't Model and shot some at 15 yards just to stretch.

That's definitely the limits of my eyesight and a handgun.

I also found out that 124gr JHP +P from Cor-Bon doesn't feed 100% in the Colt.  It was free, so what the heck?

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  1. In the few times I've used a firearm in a real discussion the target didn't just stand there. Movement and use of cover and concealment was noted by both sides. As was the slightly disruptive effect of the target returning fire. Nothing like a door frame being shattered as your coming around for a shot.

    As I cannot replicate returning fire, and my friends don't want to be training dummies, I use cowboy action style shooting. That allows Shoot/NO Shoot targets to pop up for a brief time before "going under cover". and with fishing line reels moving targets.

    Sometimes we do longer sets that require reloading quickly as not to "Get Shot" and out of the game.

    It's fun enough that I have friends bringing me more refrigerator cardboard, paint and such to rebuild the range often. I also note that Successful Head Shots are SO RARE as to be bragging rights around the fire pit later.

    Given thug use of body armor and helmets I've been training my neighbors to aim for the belly-groin areas. I've found even with sprinting between cover folks that the belly-groin a less mobile target than a head shot.


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