28 November 2018

It's OK Anne, We Got Better

Anne Hathaway is concerned that her country is gassing children.

It's OK, Anne, we were men by the end of OSUT.

I guarantee you, Ms Hathaway, we got substantially heavier doses than can be delivered outdoors.

I got it twice because I foolishly dropped my helmet-liner when I unmasked.


  1. All the snowflakes who have no IDEA what they're talking about. Every single soup sammich that I know has been gassed multiple times. I have one old bud who it doesn't even affect anymore because he ran the chamber so often at Benning. It's not mustard gas, or a nerve agent for cryin out loud. Maybe we should start running 'em ALL through in middle school?

  2. Hey Angus;

    I guess when the messiah was actually teargassing people on the border it was ok, but when the hated "Cheeto-man" is running things now it is the time to get outrageous. These actresses and actors have no idea what living in the real world is like...let them go to the barrio in San Diego or LA and get an idea what a 3rd world California is becoming.

  3. i don't know about anyone else but did your records of taking the mask off in the gas chamber consistently get lost. I know mine did. So I got to inhale CN CS gas every six months or so. Not to mention a shed full of pepper spray in prison guard training. and the topper an inmate got a hold of a can of pepper spray and I got so much pepper spray in the face that it looked like I was bleeding to the central control officer about 20 feet away. Did any one else notice how low the "gas" was to the ground in the faked picture and that there was no gas up wind of the woman in the picture.

    1. When I was in, the Army only required an annual trip to the gas chamber and except for basic, you didn't have to unmask and breathe it. You did have to unmask and CLEAR your mask to show you still knew how.

      Of course, in three years we only went to the chamber once... I never found out how we got out of the annual trip, but I didn't mind.

  4. When the government was not only gassing children, but burning them alive, at Waco, these same people closed ranks to defend those actions with one voice.

    1. Ah, but Koresh and his followers, those that were American citizens, were religious conservatives. Therefore it doesn't count.

      No. Seriously. Got into an argument with one of the local socialists about Waco. His 'facts' were about as factual as most people's facts on the Rodney King video.

    2. Dangit, forgot to add: And that was his argument, the Branch Dividians were right-wingers. Therefore fair game. Disgusting, but true.


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