23 May 2019


There's nothing I can find in Roe v Wade that says that someone who has religious or moral objections to abortions should be forced to pay for them.

Despite my generally pro-choice nature; I feel we should eliminate Federal subsidy of abortion clinics and institutions like Planned Parenthood.

Taking our taxes and turning around and applying them to places which perform abortions is forcing people with religious and moral objections to pay for a practice they find abhorrent.

I also think that the celebrities who're talking about sex strikes have enough money to completely replace Federal funding.  That is, if this really matters to them.

I think you will find that once it's no longer someone else paying for it, they will stop supporting it.


  1. What I find wrong about tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood is they then turn around and use that money to lobby for... more tax dollars.

    Strange idea, cut funding by how much they are spending on lobbying. Since they obviously don't need it.

    1. Well, one of the major things I find wrong about tax dollars going to PP...


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